#day175 – restocking my travel wear

I was in a shopping mood today. Every girl know what I mean. My truly last and final day in Buenos Aires. I finally move further. I had to cheer myself up. I think that’s understandable.

Backpackers usually don’t buy things, which they have to carry for the rest of their travels and which are not really necessary for the trip. Flashpackers as I am do, sometimes. I even carry makeup with me.

Today I thought, there’s a tiny little space left in my backpack…sorry, flashpack… which has to be filled. And I really wanted a new dress. A long dress, to hide my mosquito bite legs.

Except Zara, Buenos Aires misses all my favorite big chain shops. H&M and Mango for example. They have dozens of their own clothing shops and they are either fucking expensive, especially those in shopping malls, or fucking cheap with rock-bottom clothes only.

In front of the house are some shops of the second category. My category for today. The first shop I stepped into was already a direct hit. I found a little black dress. The very one I was looking for.

My travel wear is restocked, I’m finally ready to head out.

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