#day174 – women’s day demonstration

Buenos Aires welcomed me with a big demonstration, when I returned today. A women’s day demonstration. Even though I appreciate, that these women fight for their rights, I was a bit annoyed by the tumult today.

The problem was I had quite a long return journey from Montevideo to Buenos Aires and the ferry stopped somewhere close to La Boca in the south of the city, which I didn’t expect. I had to walk aaaall the way to the center with all my stuff and got time pressure, because my dinner date was waiting. Sure, I could have taken a bus, but during rush hour you’re definitely faster by foot.

Instead of joining a demonstration I spent my women’s day evening in an Italian restaurant. And I indulged myself with a wonderful chocolate dessert. No, not only one dessert, two desserts. A tiramisu and a nutella-chocolate-ball, coming in a cup with cold coffee. I never had that before. Uhh, that was a celebration. I shared it with someone, of course. More or less, I’m pretty sure I had three-quarters of it. Sorry!

Shortly before I finished this culinary delight a street vendor came to our table and tried to sell us a rose. Are you serious, guy? Please don’t disturb me, when I’m eating chocolate. I said friendly no and continued with spooning my chocolate coffee. He left the rose on the table and went away. It turned out, he wasn’t a vendor. He was the owner of the restaurant, who wanted to surprise all the ladies with a red rose. I didn’t understand his Spanish, or honestly I didn’t even listened to him at all. How embarrasing. I was so rude and he just wanted to give me a gift. I felt so ashamed, that I looked for him and explained him the situation. He was just laughing and happy, it wasn’t my bad character.

Walking back home with a chocolate filled belly and a red rose in the hand was a nice ending of the international women’s day.

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