#day173 – Montevideo beach fun

Montevideo is a cute capital, but there’s actually not that much to see. When someone told us, there’s a Montevideo counterpart to the Hollywood Sign, we thought it’s the must-see for our second day. Even more because it’s located on the best beach, Montevideo has to offer. Finally arrived in the backpacking scence, we didn’t take a bus or taxi and walked the whole 5 kilometeres to the beach. The journey is the destination. Blabla.

My expectations have been pretty low in terms of a city beach but I got surprised in a positive way. It’s nothing against the Copacabana, sure. The sea water is unfortunately brown as a river in the jungle. But at least the sand was white and clean and some palms edged the esplanade. It was way to windy for a swim, means we didn’t present our beach bodies in bikinis. We showcased us with climbing the letters. Then yes, those letters are as white as the ones in Hollywood, but not as big. Sporty as I am, I climbed up on the “o”.

We are such good tourists, we walked back home with tons of photos in our bags.

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