#day172 – coastal walk in Montevideo

Uruguay is the smallest country in whole Southamerica. Nestled between it’s two giantic neighbours Brazil and Argentina it trys to have its own culture and identity. Noone wants to live a whole life as a smaller brother, all the time in the shadow of someone else, of course. What do you know about Uruguay? Exactly, nothing except that they won a world cup once, maybe.

Located on the coast, the capital Montevideo is another two hours bus ride from Colonia. As it’s the best way to start with a city, I strolled the whole afternoon through the city center to get a first impression. The center in Montevideo faces the sea. The ocean actually. I saw the real ocean for the first time since I arrived in Southamerica. A bit of salty fresh wind in the hair made my citywalk more enjoyable.

But to be honest, an European can’t really feel a differnce between Montevideo and Buenos Aires. Everything is a bit bigger and busier in Argentina, but despite that it’s quite similar. People, prices, food, streetart, public transport and that kind of stuff. Definitely worth to mention is my dinner. A falafel in an Armenian restaurant. Not as good as in kebap heaven Berlin, but still really tasty.

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