#day171 – sailing to Uruguay

Alright, I can’t deny I have my difficulties to leave the city. 6 weeks here and I’m somehow in a comfort zone. I know my neighbourhood, my park, my bakery, the cashiers in the supermarket, which bus I have to take to get into the center, I have friends here and I can already give recommedations for restaurants and bars. I live an easy life. As I do in Berlin. Makes it hard to say goodbye. On the other hand, it was just the beginning. A great beginnig, but I want to explore more of Argentina, of Southamerica. There’re other wonderful places, already waiting for me.

To make a farewell more easier, I decided to escape to Uruguay for couple of days. Knowing I return to BA for another one or two nights, before it’s a serious goodbye.

The easiest and fastest way is a ferry to Colonia, a cute little coast town, three hours away on the other side of the river Rio del Plata.

I arrived in the afternoon and had a really nice first day on Uruguayan ground. I just enjoyed the silence in Colonia, strolled through cobblestone streets with old houses and rested at a lighthouse to soak up the wonderful view over the river. Up on top of it I felt it was good decision.

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