#day170 – Argentinian breakfast

Everyone loves croissants. I don’t like them that much. Actually I don’t like this kind of pastry in general. And so I was a bit suspicious about the Argentinan medialuna at the beginning, because it looks pretty much like a croissant.

Until I had my first one. I started loving this shit. It’s so much better than a dry and crumbly croissant. The difference makes this kind of sugarcoating topping, sometimes combined with dulce de leche. Jesus Christ.

Argentinians have it for breakfast. I had them for teatime only so far. But when I ran out of cereals today, I went to a café for a proper traditional breakfast. Dos medialunas y un cafe con leche. That’s cultural immersion, kids. By the way, the coffee here is a mess. I wouldn’t even call it coffee. Hard times, but that belongs to the immersion.



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