#day168 – Campari Orange bar tour

A bar in Palermo can be one of the fanciest, but their variety of cocktail’s is a tragedy. During my little bar hopping night in Palermo Soho, I went to three different bars and the variety of drinks was everywhere more or less the same. You can count on three types of cocktails: Fernet Cola, Cynar Pomelo and Campari Orange. I usally prefer beer and wine, only on special nights like today, I indulge myself with cocktails.

Since two of these three are pretty disgusting (and I can deal with almost every longdrink) I always chose Campari Orange. Fucking sweet, but at least drinkable. Actually there has been two for me only. My head didn’t allow me to have one more. Lucky me, I never had a really bad hangover in Buenos Aires. And I want to stick to it.

For sure, there are specialised cocktail bars here as well, where they serve better drinks such as Caipirinha or Mojito. But actually I don’t mean cocktails. I mean rather longdrinks. Simple good drinks with two ingredients. A soft drink and a spirit, like Gin Tonic, one of my favorite longdrinks.

At least the places itself are a real pleasure. Beautiful decorated bars with nice lightning systems and these wonderful vintage lightbulbs. Helps me to forgive.

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