#day167 – Palermo streetart

Buenos Aires is one of the world’s most exciting cities for street art. Especially Palermo Hollywood is known for it’s vibrant urban art culture. You can book a tour by one of many operators here in town or you can do your own tour and look up the important facts online.

I chose the second way and had my own little tour today, when I was on my way to Hollywood anyways. A main difference about Buenos Aires’ streetart is, compared with Berlin for example, that there’re no bad murals. Almost all murals are pretty creative, colorful and simply well done.

Finding the reason was pretty easy. The streetart scene is relatively new and furthermore really respectful. It started in the 80’s and had it’s peak after the etconomic crisis in 2001. Streetart was used as a political voice. Furthermore artists don’t paint over an exisiting mural. They rather respect and support each other.

And do you know what’s the best about the streetart scene? There’s no need for a permission by the government. Painting walls is allowed after consulting the owner. And even without permission you won’t get pursued by the police, only trains and the subway are prohibited.

Isn’t it cool? It’s more or less illegal and nevertheless it’s a friendly and collaborative scene, which beautifys the city a lot. Great.

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