#day166 – meeting a Bärliner abroad

To be honest, it’s not the first Bärliner I met abroad. When I was in Rio de Janeiro in 2014 for the world cup, I saw a whole exhibition about the Berlin bear at Copacabana beach. Round about 30 bears, each of it represented a country from all over the world.

But yes, today I met the first Argentinian Bärliner. I visited the Cultural Center in Recoleta, a great place with free cultural events such as concerts and exhibitions, and then suddenly he appeared in front of me. I had been a bit glad, indeed. And yes, I got a bit homesick for a short moment. A tiny little bit.

I can’t deny there are some things, I’m missing. For example good grain bread, some sorts of vegetables, plain yoghurt for breakfast, sipping a Club Mate from the Späti or having a Moscow Mule in my favorite bars in Berlin. Furthermore I miss my apartment, especially my bed and kitchen, my favorite restaurants, and of course my friends and family.

But that’s why I’m traveling. Getting out of your comfort zone. Learning new things. Managing problems, which seem pretty hard at the first sight and once you solved it you have to notice, it was ridiculous to worry about it one single second. And besides, I don’t miss the German winter.

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