#day165 – German novel about Buenos Aires

Hilarious, I always wanted to read a book of Tommy Jaud. When I found his second bestseller “Resturlaub” (something like residual leave) in the bookshelf in our apartment, I thought that might be my chance now. I didn’t know, the novel happens in Buenos Aires. The summary sounded more than promising: Peter Greulich, 37 years, working for a Bavarian brewery, got bored of his life and escaped spontaneously. Arrived at the airport he asked for a ticket to the other end of the world and ended up in Buenos Aires.

After three days of intense reading I finished the book today. Insane, how many things Peter Greulich and I have in common. It starts with the fact, that Peter lives in the same road. It’s a pretty long road through Buenos Aires’ heart, but nevertheless it’s pretty funny. After he arrived he went directly to a Spanish school to book a course. His oral test confirmed, he isn’t an absolute beginner. Just like me. And the taxi drives, they are alway an experience. I just can confirm to that.

But the most interesting similarity between Peter and me is, how hard it is/was to escape our German culture and identy in the city. Your are not only surrounded by German travellers, as all over the world, the sympathy for Germans is notable everywhere. Argentinians think, we are exotic. Exotic? Interesting. I heard that quite often. And people told me that in German. I met so many guys here, who spoke a bit German. Sometimes better than English. I should write a book about my stay in Buenos Aires, as well. But no novel. A book based on a true story.

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