#day163 – Argentinian carnival corso

I had quite an intense research to figure out, where all the carnival magic happens here. When you’re asking around, everyone says there are some street corsos with music, costumes and that stuff but it’s not a big thing. It seems most locals give a shit about carnival here. They’re just happy to have two days off. More or less like Rhinelanders, no work on Monday and Tuesday. Even though the Germans are much more into the celebration part.

The “official” Website of Buenos Aires announced some street corsos for the different districts, but the description let definetely space for interpreations. I started to research on facebook and found at least a few events related to the carnival.

When we arrived, it didn’t seem a party is going to happen soon. But in the end, it was a great show. Two different groups performed a colorful show with cool drum music and traditional dances. In Southamerica it’s more about dancing than throwing sweets from a goofy wagon. I don’t really know, why each carnival group was as big as the whole audience on the square. Where have been all their relatives and friends? Strange. At least the few tourists had a lot of fun.

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