#day162 – Spanish love letter

I received a wonderful gift today. A necklace with a little key along with a letter full of wise words. Wonderful lines in Spanish, my new favorite language. Dedicated to me, but relevant for all of us, that’s why I want to share it with you. I try to translate it as good as possible, but as you know, translations are never ever the same. Even more, when you just started with a new language. Get the meaning and draw conclusions for your own life!


“Resi…There are many causalities that correct us, the most incredible and wonderful beings, but they teach us something and allow us to open our wings and expand our being. Every decision we make determines a different and unique path, no matter what’s the goal or what it is that we are looking for … as long as love inhabits your heart and your values, your actions approve that the important thing is the path itself and not the destiny, you’re the only one, who can find it… You have the key to open all the possibilities of your desires. I love you!”


“Resi…Hay muchas causalidades que nos correctas con los seres mas increibles y maravillosos entanto nos Ensenan algo y nos permiten abrir nuestras alos y expandir nuestro ser. Cada decision que tomamos determina un sendero diferente y unico sin importae cual es la meta o que es lo que estemos buscando…mientras el amor habite tu corazon y tus valores quien tus acciones sobras que lo importante es el camino ensi mismo y no el destino cuando es a vos misma a la unica que debes encontrar…Tienes lo llave para abrir todos las posibilidades de tus deseo. Te quiero!”

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