#day161 – malba museum

I have to see at least one museum from the inside during my 5 weeks in Buenos Aires. Museums are usally not my first option for freetime activities. A free event in one of the best art museums here was my chance to turn purposes into reality and so I motivated some friends and went there tonight. To MALBA museum, a museum about Latinamerican art.

The whole museum houses more than 600 art pieces of Latinamerican artists permanently, including works of Frida Kahlo and Diego Riviera. Tonight’s event was related to the current exhibition about Brasilian artists, mainly painters. Ok, the event itself, which started with an endless speech hold in Spanish, wasn’t that exciting for us. But the exhibition was really cool. It was more or less a little profile of the different periods of art in Brazil during the past 200 years. Until yesterday I knew nothing about Brasilian art.

But the best thing about the whole event, I don’t want to lie to you, had been free drinks. Alcoholic drinks. Champagne, red wine, beer (they love Stella Artois here), everything for free. I had to try all, of course. That’s how I like to enjoy art.

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