#day160 – buenavista mini brewery

What a hidden gem just in the next street over mine. A little stall, opened during the night only, where you can grab a craft beer to sip it on the street with your friends. Not a real bar, just a counter without seats and tables. A growler station. A place where you can have a craft beer to go. Interesting, I’ve never heard of it before. Really cool.

And the prices weren’t expensive at this cute mini brewery. 50 Pesos for a glass of light ale. It’s actually cheap for craft beer. You have to pay almost double the price in Berlin. Apart from that the experience is similiar. We tried three different beers out of a choice of 10, before we decided to take a chilly lager. Craft beer tastes sometimes pretty smoky. I prefer it light.

Not sure, if there’s a place like that in Berlin. If not, I’ll open one when I’m back. These little hipsters will beat a path to my door. Die werden mir die Buden einrennen!


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