#day158 – crossing women bridge

Am I in Hamburg’s Hafencity? Oh no, I’m in Puerto Madero. Crazy how similar those two districts are.  Both are quite commercial areas. Red brick houses, well-maintained parks, special bridges, sailing ships for the rich and maaany office buildings. No district for living, but for sure a nice area to have a walk and enjoy the water view.

Next to the ecological park is the Woman’s Bridge  one of the main sights in the neighbourhood. You might ask yourself, what these bridge and a woman have in common. Simple explanation. Because the streets of Puerto Madero are all named for famous and important Argentine women. It’s a rotating swing bridge for pedestrians only. To allow water traffic to pass it can rotate 90 degrees. Fortunately no water traffic today and so I was able to cross the bridge over river Rio de la Plata.

Fun fact: The Spanish architect has described the design as a synthesis of the image of a couple dancing tango. Even though I can hardly see a couple and even less a tango performance, that’s something I like about Buenos Aires. Bridges dancing tango here.

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