#day155 – Spanish certification A2

Three weeks of intensive Spanish lessons are over. Today was my last day at school and I got my certification of reaching level A2. Beginner A2 actually. Nevertheless I think it sounds quite good.

My first week started with two hours private lessons per day, followed by two weeks of four hours lessons in a group. The second week in a small group of three people, me and two guys from Sweden and Luxembourg, was retrospectively the best. We had a great teacher, who prefered to talk about our social situation (relationship status included) instead of training grammar the whole day. We had a lot of fun and learnt definitely the important words for everyday conversations.

Having a real conversation is still quite hard, but compared to the beginning, when I wasn’t able to say more than name and age, I can express my needs and wishes now. You have to know, I did my homework all the time very conscientious. I was so keen about it, I even asked for it, when our teacher forgot to give us some. My classmates loved me therefor.

I’m pretty motivated to Keep on going learning Spanish. Even though I’m on a level now, where it’s hard to achieve progresses in a way I did at the beginning, I’m willed to improve it. Wish me luck.


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