#day154 – night walk to a new district

It’s like being in Berlin. You never have to leave your neighbourhood here. Except of doing some touristy shit, there’s no need for me, to leave my beloved Palermo. I can walk to my language school, two big supermarktes are just in front of the house, a big shopping mall is around the corner and bars and cafés are a stone’s throw away.

Nevertheless I like to explore new districts. Of course, I do. Something new every day, you know. To meet a friend for dinner, I had a walk to Almagro tonight. A populous district with many skyscrapers. As a village kid, I will never get used to high buildings. There are no skyscrapers in Berlin and I’m still impressed when I’m in front of one. And Buenos Aires has a lot.

Almagro is nice and the restaurant itself was comfy indeed, but so they are in Palermo. And I have still a lot to discover in my side streets. I want to check out more places in Palermo Hollywood. Alone the neighbourhood’s name makes you feel great being there.

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