#day153 – happy thoughts en Español

Walking through Palermo tonight I spotted a funny quote of Oscar Wilde on a chalk board in front of a bar. And I was already able to translate it. Wohoo. My Spanish grew rapidly the last three weeks. Yes yes. Nevertheless I googled the English version to be a 100 percent sure, I got the right meaning. That’s the quote in my three favorite languages:

English: Some cause happiness whereever they go, others whenever they go.

Espanol: Hay personas que causan felicidad a donde van, otras cuando se van.

Deutsch: Manche (Menschen) verursachen Freude wo auch immer sie hingehen, andere wann auch immer sie gehen.

I prefer to count myself to the first part of the quote, of course. Wouldn’t be nice to know, people are happy when I leave a place. I want to spread happiness, felizidad and Freude. Wherever I will be the next months.


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