#day152 – valentine’s dinner for five

My roommate hit the nail right on the head today: People, who are complaining about Valentine’s day are as annoying as people, who assign a huge value to this day. To be honest, I don’t really care. People should go for what they think it’s the best. If it’s celebrating the day with expensive gifts and endless love letters, alright. If you want to boycott this day, because you think it’s an invention by commerce-seeking people, your welcome. But please, don’t talk about it all day long. It’s anyway not a really big thing here in Southamerica. While stores and facilities in Europe and the US are swamped with hearts and special offers, you could easily miss 14th of February here in Southamerica.

I celebrated the day as I always did in the past. No matter if I have been in a relationship or not. I had a wonderful dinner with someone I like to spend time with. The only new thing today was, we have been five. And I cooked my speciality: Curry with sweet potatos and brussel sprouts.

Argentinians are a bit suspicious about brussel sprouts. I consoled them by promising, that it’s a really healthy dinner. Furthermore it was a quite expensive one. 5 Euros for 200 ml of coconut milk. Insane. But well, this one day in a year…

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