#day151 – La Bombaaaa

La Bombaaaa de tiempo, finally. My third Monday in town and I finally made it to the concert. It’s definetely one of the biggest things here in Buenos Aires. A drum concert by 17 guys, that takes place every Monday at an old oil factory, which is nowadays a Cultural Center called Konnex. The show attracts round about 1500 fans per week, from Backpackers like me to relaxed weedheads and Argentinian hipster.

I somehow thought hipster are a German thing, or let’s say at least a European thing. So much the funnier it was, when I figured out, the word hipster is used here as well to describe a special kind of young people. Anyway there had been many hipsters at the concert today. In Buenos Aires I haven’t seen them that much before, but I enjoyed it. Made me feel like I’m in Berlin. And it was still a mixed crowd. I saw a 90-year-old grandpa dancing in the middle of the crowd like noone is watching.

Beer, as it’s often the case, was only available in 1 liter bottles of Quilmes. It’s pretty common to share and so we did. Argentinians complaining all the time about their Quilmes. I think it’s actually quite alright, I can’t taste a huge difference between light beer anyways. Dancing to drums on a hot evening makes me liking every beer.

I enjoyed it, but my friends thought it’s usally better. La bomba de tiempo, the time bomb literally translated, didn’t really explode tonight.  I would give it a try again next week.



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