#day150 – Argentinian Brotmahlzeit

Good German bread is known all over the world. Australia, Asia, America…they all have German bakeries. And so is Argentina. Buenos Aires has actually a whole bakery chain with stores all around the city. Since I eat bread usually every dinner, I was looking forward to a nice Brotmahlzeit. Nothing more than bread for dinner.

Unfortunately, I had to figure out, the bread has as much to do with the one I’m used to, as the bakery’s name with the German vocabulary. Nothing. Every so called “bread” here is in the end just toast. Toast as I define it. Simple white bread. Dark bread doesn’t really exist.

And what do they actually mean with Hausbrot? This word doesn’t exist as well. I’m just guessing, when I claim that it means something like selfmade bread. Google says, it’s a breakfast delivery service in Austria. Anyway, nothing I know.

The next good bread will take a while. But yes, toasted is the Argentinian bread also eatable. And avocado is luckily cheap. Avocado toast is something delicately.

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