#day149 – trip to Tigre Delta

Buenos Aires is awesome, but after two and a half weeks in the city, it’s nice to escape the noisy town for some hours. You have to know, I live in one of the busiest streets here, my window facing the street. There are day times, when talking to each other isn’t possible with an open window.

In case you need a little break from the noisy city, Tigre Delta is one of the closest places to enjoy a beautiful landscape and to refresh your eyes with a luscious green river nature. Ideally from the deck of a boat on the water, as we did today. Portenos like to spend their weekend here, the rich ones among them in their own little summer house at the river.

It was a typical touristy day trip. We got picked up in the hotel by a van, jumped on a boat for a two hours boat ride, had a traditional Argentinian lunch (Empanadas, si claro) and visited a market and a church afterwards. With four other couples in their 60’s or 70’s we somehow reduced the age average, but they had been funny. We joked a bit together, as well. And we were really lucky with the weather. First time since ages that I got a bit sunburned.

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