#day148 – dulce de leche icecream

Oh my god, soft ice cream is a really good invention. After a walk in the sun, I needed one really badly. Since choosing vanilla and chocolate flavour seemed a bit boring to me, I chose the Argentinian version. Dulce de leche. Delicioso! These hot temperatures forced me thereto.

I tried to order it in Spanish. Yo tomo un helado con dulce de leche. I take an ice cream with dulce de leche. I always try to speak Spanish in restaurants or supermarkets. It ain’t easy. I mostly fail with the third question.

A funny anecdote: A few days ago I went to a Jewish restaurant and ordered something in Spanish. I was really intent to pronounce it the right way. And what does the waiter replied? Excuse me, lady, I don’t speak English. Seriously? I was talking in Spanish to you, you little asshole. That’s what I thought, of course. I tried it again, more slowly and with using my hands. In the end I got what I ordered. There we go!

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