#day147 – Fuerza Bruta Show

Fuerza Bruta is highly recommended by the porteños, means the people from Buenos Aires. It’s more or less a mix between a theatre and a circus show, established in Buenos Aires. It’s a very energetic spectacle which aims to create an interaction between the performers and the public. They call it a 360 degree experience.

It was a quite intense experience indeed. It started with a group of singing drummers, followed by girls running along the ceiling, fighting and yelling. Other acts have been guys hovering through the hall, dancing in a box or running in rain. Kind of acts, which are hard to describe with words. Kind of acts, which you have to seen. The most impressive act has been a pool with a glass bottom on the ceiling. 4 girls slided above our heads and showed us an impressive performance.

The show ended with a dancing audience in the rain. People in the middle got totally wet. Since we stood at the side, we stayed almost dry. We enjoyed the wind machine and danced with confetti in our hair. These 80 minutes faded away.



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