#day145 – Argentinian cinema

I thought Hollywood movies are sychronized here. They are not actually. Most of them are shown in the original with Spanish subtitles. We say quite often, one of the reasons why Scandinavians speak such a good English is because their cinema movies are in the original. Well, can’t be the only reason. Argentinians are not that good with English.

Today I went to the cinema to watch Hidden Figures. Equipment, prizes and food in the cinema are pretty much the same like in Germany. Except of the air condition and the Spanish subtitles I could have been in the Cinemaxx at Alexanderplatz. Why is it so hard to adjust the air condition properly? I don’t get it. Damn that was cold.

The movie itself, based on a true story, was a really good one. It’s about three Afroamerican mathematicans, who worked for the NASA in the 60’s. Since they were colored women, it was quite hard for them to show their real skills. But they have been the ones, who made significant contributions to Apollo 13. The movie is nominated for an Oscar, category Best Film. I’m already pretty eager.

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