#day144 – chilling in Palermo park

I always said Planten Un Blomen in Hamburg is my favorite park. Since today I’m not that sure anymore. Palermo has a huge wonderful park with a rose garden, a Japanese garden and a little lake in the middle, surrounded by a lot of impressive high palms. So lovely. The best place after an exhausting day in the Spanish school. And after a cold and rainy weekend.

February is usally the hottest month here in the whole year. But Sunday has been the coldest day in the last three months at least. 20 degrees and rain. I needed my jacket and a pair of socks for the first time since I’m in town. 20 degrees in Germany are quite alright, but winds in Buenos Aires are strong. It felt much colder.

As much more I enjoyed the returning sunny weather today. I lay on the meadow, read a book and learnt a bit Spanish. Did my homework. It’s like being back in school. Everyday a bit homework. The only difference is I pay for it now. Learning a new language isn’t a picnic.

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