#day142 – a bookstore in a theatre

Saturday. Time for a bit sightseeing. I started my exploring trip in a bookstore, which wasn’t just a usual bookstore of course. No, Al Ateneo is one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. The building has been a theatre once and is now used to sell a huge range of books. Lately used as a cinema, they removed the seats in 2000 and replaced them with bookshelves. The former stage is now a restaurant and the lodges invite visitors to read a book on a chair with red velvet and under a wonderful painted ceiling. That’s how I want to read books.

A board at the entrance teached me it’s the second most beautiful bookstore in the whole world. That’s what the British newspaper The Guardian says. Only a bookstore in Maastricht in the Netherlands shall be even more beautiful. Hard to believe, even without a comparison. The third most beautiful is in Porto in Portugal by the way.

Sadly their range of international books is quite small and not that great. Otherwise I would have grabbed a book to read it in one of the lodges. And so I engaged myself instead with taking pictures of every corner in this unique store.

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