#day141 – following a dogsitter

Have you ever seen 8 dogs on a lead at the same time? Me neither. I have maybe heard once, that there’s a job, where someone take care of dogs, but I had never seen it so far. A babysitter for dogs, a dogsitter so to say.

When I walked to my Spanish classes today, I almost run into a bunch of dogs. At the second sight I realized it was a girl walking with 8 dogs on a lead. She behaved like a kindergartner and adviced the dogs loudly what they have to do and what not. Since I wasn’t in a rush, I decided spontaneously to follow them. A spectacle I really wanted to see. All of them had been well-educated dogs, pretty funny to watch. Once the girl went into a supermarket and let the dogs wait outside. My chance for the perfect picture.

On my way back home I spotted another dogsitter. Seems that street leads to a park. Anyway, it’s a common job here and wellpaid in addition, as I had to figure out later in the evening, when I was chatting with my roommates. I finally know what I’m doing when I return to Germany.

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