#day140 – dinner in a Parrilla

Argentinans love to eat outside for dinner. Preferable meat. That’s why they have many of the so called Parrillas here. It’s somehow a restaurant for grilled meat or let’s say it’s a steak restaurant. Vegetarian restaurants are indeed quite rare and i’m a bit spoiled regarding vegetarian or even vegan restaurants in Berlin. I’m happy when they have salads on the menu.

Today we went out to a famous Parrilla in Recoleta district to celebrate a friend’s anniversary, 7 years living in Buenos Aires. She is actually from Ecuador. Great idea by the way, back in Berlin I’ll start celebrating every completed year in the city as well.

When we arrived a bunch of people waited already in front of it. We signed in a list and had to figure out we have to wait round about a hour. While I was thinking where we are going next, my friends lined up. I couldn’t believe that they accept to wait a hour. Not only because it was already 9.30pm and I was starving. But as it seems it’s quite common to wait for a table in a good restaurant. Alright, I behave like a local, we wait.

As if they knew the German girl was almost dying we got a table after 10 minutes. My not so typical Argentinian Quesadillas had been pretty good. And did I already mention, red wine here is really good and fortunately really cheap as well? Love it.

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