#day139 – an Alfajores at the balcony

The Argentinians like it sweet. One of their most famous sweets is the so called Alfajores. It’s actually a sandwich cookie filled with Dulce de leche. I’m not sure if you can get it with another filling, but it’s for sure the most common one.

Dulce de leche is also a beloved sweet thing here. Actually in whole South America. I knew it already from Brazil. It’s somehow a cream made of milk, sugar and vanilla. Pretty sweet. To be honest, I somehow don’t know why they’re so keen about it. And believe me, you can get everything here with Dulce de leche flavor. Even coffee comes with it sometimes.

I ate only half of the calorie bomb. The Alfajores was tasty, but it didn’t knock my socks off. At least I can take part, when guys around me talk about it.


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