#day138 – trilingual interactive exercises

The whole apartment is tagged with notes. Notes, which describes our furniture in three different languages. German, English and Spanish. A really helpful exercise to enrich your vocabulary. There will be a day, when you have seen them that often in your everyday life, that you will remember them forever.

We’re quite an international apartment and everyone of us wants to learn at least one those three languages. Whereas I’m the only one, who wants to learn Spanish. All the others are native speakers, even though not all of them are Argentinians or Southamericans.

While we made the notes, we had to ascertain that in many cases two of three words are quite similar. Furthermore there exists words, which are almost the same in all our languages. Since I’m here in the city, I heard pretty often, German is a nice sounding language. As for my part I think it sounds partially funny. Kühlschrank, Steckdose und Kerze. We had indeed quite a lot to laugh.


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