#day137 – watching people in Palermo

Still in Berlin I read somewhere on a travel blog, that Palermo is the Kreuzberg of Buenos Aires. Means I knew from the very beginning where I wanted to stay. And lucky me I found an apartment in Palermo indeed. Yeah, I always wanted to live in Kreuzberg once. Finally!

Today it was time to explore the neighbourhood a bit more. Palermo is one of the biggest districts here. I have a lot to discover. On my way to Plaza Serrano I spotted indeed some things, which remind me of Berlin’s Kreuzberg. I wandered through narrow streets with colorful street art, passed fancy clothing stores and found some cute cafés and restaurants.

Even the people here are somehow similar. Most of them are stylish dressed and enjoy an weekday evening with a coffee and some friends at the pedestrian way. 7pm for Germans is the time to have dinner. Argentinians have coffee and cake. They don’t eat dinner before 9 or 10pm.

Even though Palermo and Kreuzberg have quite a lot things in common, there are two important differences. One thing is the temperature in January. I don’t envy my friends back home, who have to deal with snow right now. Sorry, friends!  The other thing are the heels of girls shoes. Almost every girl here wears high heels, or I better have to say plateau shoes. I feel sometimes somewhat a bit strange with my Havaianas. Well, whatever!

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