#day136 – Sunday hangout in San Telmo

Sunday funday. Time for a Buenos Aires must see. Something touristy. A stroll through San Telmo district. The usally more quiter area of the city gets pretty busy on Sundays, when the street market takes place along the main road and some squares around.

To enjoy the market, the famous Feria de San Telmo, you just have to make all your way down Defensa road. It’s a historical cobble stone street and packed with tourists and vendors that sell all manners of goods: jewelery, souvenirs, artwork, music and so on. You know, all These typical things.

I had no intention of buying anything. I just wanted to soak up the athmosphere and get a feeling of the whole happening. Once I reached Plaza Dorrego after quite a long walk, I grabbed a badly needed fresh pressed orange juice and a bench in the shadow. Well prepared to observe some tango dancers and drummers in the middle of the square. Even though it was the first live performed tango show I have seen since I arrived, I felt it was pretty much a touristy thing, what doesn’t made it really special. Means a real tango show is still on my list.

Now back at home I’m pretty tired. I don’t know if it’s still because of my jetlag or because the market was just not that exciting enough. Maybe both. These markets are somehow the same all around the world.

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