#day135 – Argentina’s supermarket variety

Going to a supermarket here isn’t a pleasure actually. The first reason are the prices. More or less everything is more expensive than I’m used to it. Even local products like fruits and vegetables. An Argentinian banana costs exactly the same like an imported German one. I bought a milk, a package of toast, an apple and an avocado and paid a bit less than 6 Euros. Crazy, isn’t it? But I heard it’s mainly in Buenos Aires, everywhere else in Argentina it’s not the case.

The second thing is the variety of products or let’s say the range of goods. Even though the supermarkets are huge the range is not. Seriously, they have endless shelves with only one product of one brand.

Well, I won’t complain. I’m on vacations. I’m flexible. There’re only two things I’m really obsessed with: coffee and cereals. If my day shall be a good one I have to have a coffee and some cereals with milk. Quite challenging here. I needed half a hour to find a coffee without sugar. Almost every coffee powder comes with sugar. I was more than willing to pay the double price for one without. Despite that fact that cereals are quite expensive, they don’t offer my essentail plain yoghurt furthermore. Only yoghurt with a flavor. Oh, and tons of sugar of course. Ok, so milk then for me. I’m flexible.

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