#day134 – exploring downtown Buenos Aires

For my second day in the city I went to see the so called heart of Buenos Aires – Plaza de Mayo in the city center. It’s round about five kilometres away from my home in Palermo and so my first challenge was to figure out the subway system. Actually pretty easy. Buenos Aires has dozens of buses but only four or five subway lines and one line, the green line, goes directly from Palermo to the city center. With a price less than 50 Cents for one ride more than affordable besides.
Located right in the middle of the city center Plaza de Mayo is a typical main square. A square with a statue in the middle, surrounded by historical buildings and packed with tourists and street vendors all the time. It could be a square all over Europe, but huge palms make the difference. Once again I have to notice, palms sex up everything. I grabbed a coffee, a café con leche, and relaxed on a bench. Soaking up the sun and even more the city vibe. Nice to meet you, Buenos Aires.



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