#day133 – overlooking Buenos Aires

My start couldn’t been better. Thanks to my couchsurfing host. I wrote her two weeks ago in Germany and she agreed directly. She only wanted me to bring some Mozartkugeln. Of course I can do that.

I arrived pretty early at hers today, around 9 in the morning, but she welcomed me with a big smile and let me feel welcome from the very start. Fortunately she had the day off and we could spent my first day togehter. After a shower and a short nap we ordered some food and went up to the rooftop terrace at the 14th floor. Perfect sunny weather, a good red wine from Argentinia (finally), tasty food and a great company made it an awesome afternoon.

Overlooking Buenos Aires for the first time, feeling happy that everything went well so far, I wished this moment lasts forever. A good start is for sure pretty important. It gives you the right feeling for the upcoming time. Check!

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