#day132 – above the clouds to Argentina

Today is the day. My adventure begins. Travelling alone through South America. Alone far far away from home and without plans. Just starting in Argentina and seeing what happens. Exciting.

The adventure started with the flight. 17 hours in total. A one hour flight to Amsterdam and a 14 hours flight from Amsterdam to Buenos Aires. Actually the flight was unspectacular. I chose a seat at the gangway. Since I have to go to toilet quite often I don’t like to disturb my neighbours. On the other hand a seat at the gangway means you only have one person to chat a bit. If the case is like mine and an Argentinian lady sitting next to you, who couldn’t speak a single word English, it can be a really boring flight though.

I decided to watch a movie directly after our start. Luckily KLM offered the movie Toni Erdmann. I wanted to see it either way. Pretty nice one and definetely worth to watch. I was already a bit tired, but I ordered nevertheless a red wine to ensure I’m going to have a tight sleep. I was looking forward to a South American wine in order to get attuned to my first stop. But they only had a South African one. Well, at least it was from the South. One more night and I’m in Argentina. Wohoo!



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