#day131 – priceless art piece

Nothing describes our todays farewell Scene better than these painting of my niece. When little Resi strikes out to explore the world, the whole family comes to the train station to wave goodbye. Father, mother, sister, brother in law, niece, nephew 1 and nephew 2.

Seeing my whole family on the platform, while I’m already sitting in the train and watching out of the window made me indeed a bit sentimental. I’m not a girl, who cries to farewells. I guess it’s because it’s hard for me to imagine, I don’t see them for quite a while. Furthermore this time is a special situation. I have absolutely no idea for how long I’m abroad. A month, half a year or even longer? Not even god knows.

The red heartshaped ballon you can see at my backpack, accompanied me until Frankfurt. The first stop of my adventure. My niece gave it to me the last second I hopped on the train. Yes, like a scene in a Hollywood movie. It was actually a ballon of the 25th anniversary of our hometowns pharmacy. My niece and her kindergarden went there today. When the conductor showed up to check my ticket, he saw the ballon with a huge 25 at my backpack, looked at me and said in his sweetest voice: Who turns sweet little 25 today? Our pharmacy, I replied with a big smile on my lips.

Arrived in Frankfurt the painting reached me via phone. It’s kind of a priceless one. Do you see the little heart in my name? That’s true art. Leaded by my ballon I stepped pretty proud out of the train station and into my adventure.

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