#day130 – tax return done

Me and my first tax return. It has been an incredible nightmare. I waited exactly till the last day. Germany allows you four years to declare your tax. In case it’s like mine a voluntarily one. One day before I’m going to fly out into the world I sent it away. Some would say at the last moment, I say still in time.

Seriously, it’s an absolute hassle. I mean, it’s nice to get some money back from the government, but why is it that complicated? In average I needed five minutes to understand the question. Afterwards I needed double the time to think about what I have to fill out. In total too many time to deal with money, if you ask me.

To my defence I have to explain it wasn’t the first time I started to fill out all the paper works. I did it already two years ago. It was almost done, but due to busy times I didn’t sent it away directly. When I got back to it after a year, the system was updated and all my filled out papers had been vanished. I was as angry that I decided to wait another year.

And here we are. It’s finally sent away. Hopefully the whole stress wasn’t for nothing and I get a little pocket money for my travels.

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