#day128 – sentimental thoughts in Munich

Winter vacations are over again. I’m a bit sad. I spent a whole week with people I didn’t know before, but we all get quite along with each other. I better have to say we spent a really funny and intensive time together. I sometimes thought it’s a bit like a social experiment: put 12 people togehter in a house for one week and see what happens. It worked out. Crazy, how fast you can get used to people after one week. Such fast, that I was almost sad to leave them. Maybe because I don’t know when and if I see them again.

Back in Munich I had a little walk with my friend, when we spotted a graffiti at a bridge close to her home: a single thought of you made me fall in love. The idiom in combination with the foggy river view fitted my mood perfectly. Even though my feelings had nothing to do with love. I better say: Just a single thought of my vacations made me smile brightly.

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