#day127 – free riding the Powder Nose

Ok, free riding is a bit exaggerated maybe. To be honest I took the ski run next to the Powder Nose. But at the end of a long skiing day the ski run next to it felt like free riding, too. Prepared ski runs are something else. Especially the first part has been horrible.

The Powder Nose with the funny number 66 is one of ten ski runs for free rider. Free riding in this case means skiing in deep snow. Non-prepared ski runs. They all have funny names like Kamikaze, Old Sattel or Eagle Route, but Powder Nose is by far my favorite.

I would like to meet the person, who invented all these names. They are mostly related to the mountains but some of them have a smart add-on. Here is my list of the most interesting names of ski runs within the region: 1) Arrez-non-stop, 2) Scheidabfahrt, 3) Poschiabfahrt 4) Genussabfahrt and 5) Möseralmabfahrt. Möseralm? Seriously? Makes conversations to arrange a meeting point exciting.

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