#day126 – Bierbrand and some love stories

My todays insight: Bierbrand makes you quite talkative. Just a few of them and I started talking. Todays topic: my first love and all the things that go along with it.

Our evening confirmed it again. There’s nothing more interesting than love. It was a nice wallow in memories. Even though it wasn’t everything fine all the time. Actually my and I would say first loves in general have more ups and downs than the whole ski region here.

I won’t tell you now details about my love life when I was 15. I needed a half evening to explain the entire story. Besides, what happens at Haus Irmgard stays at Haus Irmgard. But the good thing was, the other half of the evening I got entertained by all the other love stories. I wasn’t the only one, who liked Bierbrand. We emptied the whole bottle.

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