#day124 – skiing with minus 18 degree

Hard to believe, but it got even more colder. Thermometer said minus 18 degree today on the top of the mountain. Combined with snowfall and fog these temperatures can be obnoxious. At least it was sunny, but my face hurts nevertheless.

I can’t remember it had been that cold on the ski run once. And you have to know I’m pretty fast when I’m skiing downhill. The air felt like little needles on my cheeks. I had my face mask with me, but I was too lazy to get it out of my backpack.

I only regret I refused these inlay hand shoes, my mummy offered me. They would have been pretty useful today. Well, after all I wear two tights and three sweater. I got through it. And a frozen bogey in the nose can be a bit funny once in a while.

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