#day123 – 30 minutes private garden sauna

Sauna is something fantastic. But a private sauna in the garden with overlooking the alps is insane. Imagine you have been outside the whole day, playing in the snow and with your return home at sunset, a hot sauna awaits you already. My destiny today.

The first sauna round is always a bit longer than the second and third one. Sweating starts usually with round two. After a whole day skiing it’s even more noticeable. I’m one of these girls with alltime cold hands and feet. No matter what I wear on the mountain, my body-ends are freezing. Thanks to an indirect requirement to wear a helmet, at least my head is warm.

A bit undercooled I set a new record today. A normal sauna round is 15 minutes, I extended it up to 30 minutes. And it wasn’t a soft one. The thermometer showed 90 degree. Entering the sauna from the garden was a 100 degree difference in temperature. Oh yes, heat is something wonderful. I never get tired to complain about cold, but complaining about heat would never come to my mind.

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