#day122 – ski toilet with a view

There are cats and dogs humans. And there are sea and mountain humans. If I have to decide, I would say I’m a dog and sea human. Just because dogs are the more active part and sea is something I link with summer and heat.

After my first toilet break in the mountains today, I’m not that sure anymore. On top of the mountain Zwölferkopf, round about 2600 metres above zero, a toilet visit with overlooking the Alps is truly stunning. One wall of the so called crystal toilet was completly made of glass and showed the names of the visible mountains and their heigth. An additionally amazing ski weather made it quite a special moment. Only me, the toilet and the Alps.

I could have stayed the whole day at the toilet but the mountains were calling. Looking at the mountains is nice, but skiing on them is even more nicer.

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