#day121 – winter vacations with Irmgard

There was a steady snow fall on our way from Munich to Fiss in Austria. It takes you usually 2 hours to get there. We needed a bit more than three today. Due to the weather conditions the main road, the so called Fernpass, was closed and had to be bypassed. But I won’t complain. Some of us got stucked on this road for hours and needed to take an additionally detour of four hours in the end. They had been in their car the whole day.

The good thing about it – we arrived in a winter wonderland. And our accomodation “Haus Irmgard” was a pleasure. Irmgard’s slogan “Nicht daheim und doch zu Hause” (not at home, but still homelike) was adequate indeed. Two kitchens, four bathrooms, a cozy living room with view of the mountains and a sauna in the garden. All for us alone. The valley station just a short bus ride away. Walkable in case of an emergency. Such as it Apres Ski is for example.

A two-day arrival lies behind me. Skis are stored in the depot, food and ski pass are purchased. The adventure starts tomorrow.

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