#day120 – riding the train with ski

When I was a kid, my parents and me went on skiing vacations every year for at least one week. After a long break I went skiing again last year for three days in the Austrian alps. I was in love one more time. When a friend asked me to join her for her winter vacations, I was immediately on fire. One week, 12 people and a whole house for ourselves sounded alluring.

There’s only one annoying thing ahead of travelling: packing. Especially packing bags for skiing vacations. Simply too much stuff. Since I get picked up by car in Munich, my challenge today was to pack my bags such, that I can still carry it alone with two arms. A huge suitcase, an unhandy bag and a pair of heavy skis for a small Resi. Thanks god my train was empty. I got a seat directly behind the door with a more or less private compartment for my luggage. Donkeys have to carry less.

Arrived in Munich I had a short tram ride and another short walk through the snowy town till I finally got picked up by my friend. My vacations are more than deserved now.

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