#day119 – farewell bracelet

Awww, another wonderful surprise by friends. I didn’t expect anythig, I promise, they are just too good to me. That’s the main thing with true friends. They really know what makes you happy and suprise you in a minute you never expected it.

Actually it’s a gift by one of my best friends. A cute golden bracelet. Perfectly fitting my golden necklace “good things will happen soon”. The bracelet is so to say finally the answer to my necklace. JOY.

I like the idea, that joy is a thing that’ll happen soon in my life. It’s not the case, that my life isn’t joyful. It is. It just that there’s always a bit room for improvement, isn’t it?

My friend told me she was actually looking for a bracelet with the engraving FUN. Indeed pretty cool, as well. Hard to say, which word I prefer. Both things are related to my future, I’m absolutely sure. And there’s not much else in life, which is more important, isnt it? Doing joyfully and funny things, simply being happy. Whatever happens keep on thinking optimistic and I believe one day your life pays it off.

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