#day118 – black burger dinner

Since I had been at one of those burgers and hip hop parties in Kreuzberg I wanted to try a black burger. I heard of a nice burger restaurant in my hood and invited my girls to our own little burger party. It shoud be a special evening and Berlin’s opportunities wants to be taken.

As a typical Prenzlberg restaurant everything is bio, means all ingredients are from regional farmers. Vegetables and animals had a wonderful happy and fulfilling life before they ended up on our plates. Black Cat uses meat from the happiest cows, too of course. I was excited, whether the taste approves it.

When we arrived at the huge restaurant only one table was occupied. Due to the shittiest winter weather on a Wednesday evening maybe. Or is it always a bad sign when a restaurant is empty? We chose the table next to the ATM. Just two disturbing withdrawals of money while we had dinner.

Our order was a funny black and white compilation. We had black and white burgers, dark and light beer, red and white wine. My black burger was called Prenzlburger and was with guacamole. Did you know what makes the bun black? Me neither, but we asked and now I can disclose you it’s the ink of the octopus. To be honest, I couldn’t detect a special taste. Whether the bun nor the guacamole or the meat knocks my socks off. My burger was alright but the food orgasms stayed away.

And what do we learn? Something MJ already knew. It doesn’t matter if it’s black or white. Fortunately, when food doesn’t blow me away, my girls do. We had a nice evening with some Italian craft beer afterwards. Unlike to burgers I can always count on them.

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