#day117 – beauty program with a sheet mask

Another day of product testing. When blackrolls are the new must-have for sportspeople, sheet masks are the hottest shit for beauty queens. Or maybe it’s on the market for years and I’m not up to date. I’m not that much a cosmetics girl. All make-up products I own, I use for ages. Not my field to rage myself out as a firsttimer.

But when 3.5 girls having a pyjama party it’s all about beauty. It wasn’t only the first time I used a sheet mask today, it was the first time I heard of it in general. It’s an invention from Asia and consists of a thin cotton sheet soaked in a fancy liquid. As every mask it claims to moisturize and brighten your face skin. Furthermore it’s supposed to be super-easy to use: Just put it on your face and throw it away afterwards. Unlike traditional masks that require you to wash hands and face after application, you can just remove it and even leave the remains on your skin. 

Ok, that’s true, you don’t have to wash your face. But easy to use? Not really. Curd is definetely easier to dispense. Sheet masks don’t exist in different sizes for different shapes of a face. Since mine is a bit small, I had my difficulties to get the pre-cut holes for nose and mouth in their right position. A pretty slippery and slicky matter.

As soon as you accepted it will never fits completly, you can start dealing with your look. It’s somehow the mixture of a granny, an Asian Geisha and the phantom of the opera. Tricky to see yourself like that without beeing able to laugh. That’s the advantage of curd. Facial expressions are still possible.

In summary the effect was alright. I don’t have problems with dry skin at the moment. That’s why I can’t say if there’s a longlasting moisture effect. Well, in the end it does no harm and we had definetely fun.

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